I am always in the process of creating new resources for educators. Here’s the current collection of books (for free tools, templates, and resources, go to my main web site).


What Are Your Students Going to DO Today? In 2014, I started sharing one free teaching strategy with my readers each month to help you answer this question and plan engaging learning experiences. These exclusive articles were not published anywhere else and they were only available for a limited time. . . until now!

This book includes the collection of all 60 of these exclusive articles published since 2014. Each article is 3-5 pages and includes more specific details such as why use the strategy, what challenges to consider before implementing the strategy, how to adapt the strategy based on your learning outcomes, class size, and discipline, and some articles include templates and worksheets to help you plan ideas for your courses. 301 pages; available in .pdf format.

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The FLIP It Success Guide: The 7 Characteristics of Successful Flipped and Active Learning Experiences. The purpose of this Success Guide is to help you examine the seven characteristics of successful flipped and active learning classrooms. Each section of the book includes an overview of each characteristic, a description of how it influences the flipped learning environment, and what you’ll notice if you aren’t paying attention to that characteristic. Each section also includes reflection questions for you to consider as you think about why your flipped lesson or course isn’t working the way you thought it would and what to do about it. Available in print and digital formats. ISBN: 978-0-9981740-1-3

Flipping the College Classroom: Practical Advice from Faculty Fourteen faculty members representing a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds to contribute a chapter and shared their advice about creating successful flipped learning experiences.  I believe this book presents the most current thinking about how to plan, implement, and assess the flipped learning model in higher education. I divided the book into five chapters, and each chapter ends with questions you can use for continued reflection, discussion, and application. Available exclusively on ISBN 978-0912150284

101 Unplugged Flipped Strategies  What happens if we unplug our devices and teach without using technology? This book presents you with 101 “unplugged” flipped strategies you can use to create educational experiences that engage students & improve learning. These strategies will inspire you to get back to the basics by using tools such as sticky notes, index cards, flip charts, dice, and whiteboards. 84 pgs. Available in print and digital formats. ISBN 978-0-9973890-6-7

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FLIP the First 5 Minutes of Class: 50 Focusing Activities to Engage Students
A focusing activity is designed to focus your students’ attention and energy immediately when they arrive (or log in) to class. In this book, you will learn why the first five minutes of class are so important, how focusing activities are different from icebreakers, and why focusing activities encourage students to come to class prepared and ready to participate. This book is filled with teaching strategies, reflective questions, checklists, and advice to spark your creativity so you can engage your students and improve learning. Available in print and digital formats. ISBN 978-0-9973890-3-6

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101 Ways to FLIP Your Online Class: Creating Engaging Online Learning Experiences 
How can you FLIP an online course?  This 68-page idea booklet has been expanded and updated, and it’s packed with more than 101 strategies you can use to involve students, increase engagement, and improve learning in the online environment. ISBN 978-0-9973890-9-8Co-Authors: Barbi Honeycutt Ph.D. & Sarah Glova. (2nd edition)


101 Ways to FLIP!
Are you looking for new ideas to add to your course to involve learners, increase engagement, and improve learning?  This 46-page idea booklet features a collection of teaching strategies you can use to FLIP an in-person class, meeting, or training session.  It’s a great little resource when you need a little inspiration!  Available in print and digital formats. ISBN 978-0-9973890-1-2

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