Feedback from workshop participants, online course participants, faculty colleagues, and campus partners:

“Several of our faculty took the “FLIP a Lesson” course in preparation for a curriculum revision we are planning for January. We will be moving to a hybrid model of instruction for our accelerated nursing program. We have all found this information to be extremely helpful. Thank you for putting together such excellent course materials.”
Anne Schoening, Ph.D., RN, CNE, Associate Professor, Faculty Development Coordinator, Creighton University College of Nursing

Dr. Honeycutt facilitated the workshop ‘FLIP It! Designing, Teaching, and Assessing in a Flipped Classroom’ to introduce my faculty to the powerful ‘FLIP’ pedagogy. Originally planned for 35 participants, we had more than 60 (part-time, full-time, and administrators) attending the workshop. Without a doubt one of the most successful academic workshops that we have organized. The evaluations of the workshop, and Dr. Honeycutt were stellar, not only because of her knowledge, but also because of her engaging style, and the variety of hands-on activities, including preparing flipped lesson plans. I look forward to have Dr. Honeycutt facilitate another workshop for us!
Gabriel E. Guzman, Ph.D., Professor of Microbiology; Chairperson, Science Department Triton College

I have been using various constructivist methodologies for nearly two decades, and while I have grown to be very, very comfortable with the “loose” structures that characterize this approach, I have struggled around how to create a coherent architecture for a class. Dr. Honeycutt’s workshop has solved this problem for me. This model has given me the framework I needed to build the logic model for any class. Even more, it provides a great framework for designing entire curricula. After your workshop, I have been using it consistently with great results. Needless to say, it was one of those pivotal moments for me, providing tools that will influence my career for many years to come. —David S. Bright, Ph.D., Professor of Organizational Behavior and Organization Development Raj Soin College of Business Wright State University

“This was probably the best session I attended during the whole conference. Dr. Honeycutt was very dynamic and engaged us right from the start. She even had a period of debriefing at the end which summarized the overall learning for us.” –Teaching Professor Conference, Pre-workshop participant

“Flip a Lesson” was worth the registration for the entire conference!!! I learned so much from Dr. Honeycutt’s presentation.” –Teaching Professor Conference, Pre-workshop participant

“I’d highly recommend Barbi Honeycutt. She did an online seminar for Magna Publications and she was great. She’s very easy to work with, she developed top-notch content, and she’s a great presenter. And she flipped the online seminar and explained what she was doing as she went so participants could not only learn about the flipped classroom, but also experience it firsthand. Her handouts helped participants put the concepts into practice after the event was over. It was very highly rated and got rave reviews. We can’t wait to have her back.” –Nancy Kern, Online Seminar Developer, Magna Publications

“Your course has provided me with a great step by step process in how to structure my class time into effective learning sessions.  One big takeaway is that I need to determine the end result I want my students to achieve first, then work backwards to the actual assignments that will get them there.” –Kerry Martin, Online course participant.

I just wanted to tell you how much the intro to teaching workshop has helped me already. I just finished teaching a four-hour studio session on design concept.  At the end, I asked questions and the responses told me that the students had stayed with the lecture and had learned what I wanted them to learn.  Four hours is a long time to keep their attention; the techniques you taught really made it possible. [Graduate student]

I have successfully defended my thesis and landed a job within the past week!  I wanted to let you know because I feel that my experience teaching really helped me be more confident both during my defense talk and my job interview! [Graduate student]

Thanks to you for all of your leadership and enthusiasm! Your passion for promoting excellence in teaching is truly inspiring and I hope that we can continue to make great strides together. [Faculty member]

The realization is that before the [class began], my focus was on being a good teacher. Now it’s about helping the students. Maybe it’s matter of definition, but the shift of attention away from myself and onto them seems important. It’s as if a burden has been lifted.  [Graduate student]

From participants in the Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching program at NC State University:

“I am at the beginning of my journey to become a teacher who brings enthusiasm, energy, warmth, and empathy into the classroom. I am thankful for the opportunity to participate in the Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching program and the Preparing the Professoriate program because I truly believe that these programs helped me to navigate through my journey, provided knowledge and tools to improve my teaching skills, and allowed me to create this portfolio to document my professional development experience. I hope that when I look back to this time, I will see my growth as a teacher and my success in reaching my goals.” – Muge Capan, Industrial and Health Systems Engineering, 2014

“The Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching program has put down the groundwork for me to improve my teaching style for the rest of my career. The program has given me so many resources and contacts for constantly improving the way I teach and the way my students learn. It has given me a foundation for the future of my academic career. … In the end, I can always look back on the workshops I experienced and the connections I made for resources in teaching and communication of ideas.” – Alexander Combs, Mathematics, 2014

“After participating in the Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching program, I feel better equipped to connect with my students and to have an impact on their lives that reaches beyond the curricular aspects of their education.  My classes now blend a mastery of teaching technique with customized examples and active learning to deliver courses that focus on relevance and discovery.  Having learned how to tailor my teaching to the unique needs, interests, learning styles, and motivations of my students, I have the chance to inspire them and to make the wonderful discipline of statistics come alive for them.” – Cassie Kozyrkov, Statistics, 2014

“When I started my teaching experience I had no real guidance at first, and I struggled a lot with the first course I taught. After being a part of this program I was able to improve my teaching skills so that the second time I taught the course it was a better experience for me and the students.” –Meredith Fotta, Environmental Engineering, 2012

“The Certifiate of Accomplishment in Teaching Program challenges us to think about our own purpose and why we decide to become teachers.  These workshops and points of engagement with other doctoral or graduate-level students have forced me to go a little deeper when I am preparing for a class, to dig further into my own self in order to understand not only how I learn but ways in which how I learn impacts how I structure learning for others.” -Dawn Henderson, Psychology, 2011

“When I started teaching, I had not attended any teaching seminars in advance, and yet my first evaluations were good. I felt that this was a sign that I have a potential as an instructor. However, the constant improvement of my evaluations is something that I owe to the Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching program [or in general the Fundamentals in Teaching seminars] and Dr. Barbi Honeycutt who puts so much effort and professionalism to make this succeed. This program did not only improve my teaching strategies, but my communication and leadership skills as well. The exposure to a different student body, than the one I was familiar with, required some further training, and the CoAT contributed to my development in this regard. It is definitely a value-add to NC State University, and I strongly recommend it to every student interested in academia. Thank you!!!” Sofia Kotsiri, Economics, 2011

“Not only did the Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching program help me improve as a TA during my time at NC State, it also helped me get a job as an assistant professor at Cal Poly when I graduated.  During my interviews I was able to answer questions about my teaching style with ease.  I would not have been able to do so without having spent time developing my teaching philosophy and reflecting on my teaching experiences with the help of Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching instructors.  In addition to the Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching workshops, Dr. Barbi Honeycutt spent time with me one-on-one to work on my teaching portfolio and even wrote a letter of recommendation for me before I completed the program.  I believe having Dr. Honeycutt as a reference and an online teaching portfolio helped my job application stand out from the rest.  I would recommend this program to any graduate student with aspirations of becoming a college professor when they graduate.” –Dr. Scott Sink, Forestry, 2009

“I was impressed with the fact that NC State’s Graduate School has a teaching enhancement program for graduate students. I love to teach and I learned from the Masters here at Cal Poly in a “learn-by-doing” context which is Cal Poly’s motto. However, it would have been nice if I had had some training as a graduate student in how to: 1.) prepare a course; 2.) develop learning outcomes; 3.) assess learning outcomes; 4.) think about ways to liven the class up; 5.) include problems in the lecture to get students fully engaged; and 6.) think about the “right way” to engage visual aids and Powerpoint as part of the “learning process” rather than just “covering” the material. Gosh I could on and list many other lessons I have learned on teaching. To know that graduate students can hear about all this as part of their graduate programs at NC State is truly a commendable feat. I was/am impressed that Dr. Scott Sink completed NC State’s university teacher preparation program. I am particularly impressed that it is a [1-2] year program. Having that length of time to focus, experience and ponder on teaching is important…Nicely done!!!” -Dr. Doug Piirto, Department Head, Natural Resources Management, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA, 2009

“My participation in the Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching Program was instrumental in forming the core of my teaching philosophy and approach.  The workshops I attended as part of Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching provided exposure to new and innovative teaching techniques (e.g., effective questioning, assessment techniques, active learning exercises, etc.) many of which were geared to developing an interactive classroom environment.  These workshops also provided access to online resources that were helpful for implementing these techniques in my classes. Moreover, these workshops were excellent opportunities to interact with other teachers who were either struggling with similar issues or had found unique solutions to problems I was encountering in my classes.  Therefore, the Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching Program showed me how productive attending workshops can be for my teaching.  The most important component of this Program; however was the use of critical reflective summaries after each workshop and =pteaching observation.  I have found that reflection helps to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of different teaching techniques and promotes an adaptive and dynamic teaching style.”  -Dr. Geoffrey Bell, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, 2009

“Thanks again for everything. This program was very, very helpful in my growth in teaching and in helping to present myself on the job market as an experienced, competent teacher. Last week I got my first offer (from Auburn University), and I know that what I did in the Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching program was much more than a negligible factor in that.”  — Christian Casper, Ph.D., Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media, 2008

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